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Train Your Brain To Make Fast, Smooth Chord Changes In 7 Days By Harnessing The Science of Muscle Memory

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Are you struggling to learn and play songs on guitar because you can't change chords fast enough? 

What if there was a way to train your brain to make chord transitions feel as natural and effortless as tying your shoe? Guitar Building Blocks is a scientifically proven way to master your open chord transitions and unlock your ability to easily play thousands of popular songs! Feel confident in your ability to learn and play the songs you love by following this 7-Day Muscle Memory Training System.

Let Me Know If This Sounds Familiar?

Right now, learning and playing songs on the guitar is difficult because getting from one chord to another quickly is a struggle. Your playing doesn't sound as musical as you want it to yet, because you pause between chord transitions or struggle to get your fingers to land in the right place everytime. You have no problem picking up the guitar to practice, but no matter how much practice time you put in you still can't get over that hump and make meaningful progress with your guitar playing. You just want to get to the point where you feel confident in your ability to learn and play the music you love, but playing the guitar has begun to feel like a struggle more than a source of enjoyment. Maybe you're beginning to think that you'll never accomplish your dream of learning guitar?

If you've ever felt this way, I want you to know that you're not alone and that it's not your fault. The conventional methods of learning guitar have become convoluted and confusing, making it nearly impossible to find a clear and straightforward path to learning that actually works.

Here's How Most People Go About Learning Guitar Today...

  • #1: You buy a beginners guitar book on Amazon.

    #2: Fumble along to boring songs like “Old MacDonald” that you can barely recognize.

    #3: Get another songbook on Amazon because the one you bought sends you straight to sleep.

    #4: Throw away your songbook because it’s getting you absolutely nowhere.

    #5: Scroll through random YouTube videos.

    #6: Find a couple of YouTube teachers you like and then realize they’re teaching you different things.

    #7: Take a break for a few weeks and then realize you’ve forgotten everything and your calluses have melted back into your fingers.

    #8: Watch your guitar sit in the corner and collect dust.

    #9: Get stuck in the “Forever Beginner” quicksand.

    #10: Feel demotivated and discouraged.

    #11: Repeat.

  • It's Not Your Fault

    I'll let you in on a little secret, you don't have to buy the boring music books or scroll through random Youtube videos to learn guitar and be able to play your favorite songs.

    Unfortunately, the conventional methods of learning are flawed and they are actually designed to keep you on the hamster wheel, so that you'll watch that next video or pay that next month's subscription.

    But no matter how many videos you watch, they won't help you get any better if you're not practicing correctly.

  • WHAT IF...

    Instead of getting stuck in that vicious cycle, you could simplify the learning process and start learning and playing your favorite songs in just one week?

    Imagine feeling confident in your ability to easily play and learn songs of your choice, without struggling to keep up, having a long awkward silence in between chord changes, or feeling overwhelmed and insecure. What if you could pick up your guitar and enjoy the greatest hobby on the planet without feeling frustrated or confused?

    Essentially, EVERY song is made up of chords, and by using Muscle Memory to master your chord transitions, you can unlock your ability to play literally THOUSANDS of songs, in a matter of just 7 days!

  • What Makes This Course Different?

    Anyone can show you where to put your fingers to play a chord right? There's plenty of information out there when it comes to learning guitar but, the thing is, information is totally useless unless you APPLY IT correctly. No one is showing you how to practice in a way that helps you GET BETTER - and you feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels. Well all that stops now! With Guitar Building Blocks I'll walk you through a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN process for developing Muscle Memory, and I'll show you how to practice correctly so that you GET REAL RESULTS FAST!

    We've all heard the saying "Practice Makes Perfect", but the truth is "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect", and that's what this program is all about. See, it's not enough to simply pick up your guitar and pluck around for 20 mintues per day. You have to ensure that you practice the right way to actually see improvement, and that's exactly what this course is designed to help you do!

    If you follow the practice method I've put together for you in this course, you're going to be flying through your chord transitions subconsciously, without even thinking about it. That is the power of developing Muscle Memory, and it's the #1 key to unlocking your ability to play the songs that you love.

    So, How Does It Work?

    This step-by-step "Muscle Memory Magic" course will help you develop Muscle Memory for the most essential and popular chords on guitar, which are used in literally THOUSANDS of popular songs. You'll play along with a collection of Jam Tracks designed to train your Muscle Memory to make transitioning between these chords feel so automatic that you could do it in your sleep.

    Simply enroll in the program right here on this page, and you'll be given instant access to the lesson material. After 7 days of following my focused practice system, you'll finally be changing chords quickly and smoothly, and will open up your ability to learn and play our favorite songs with ease!  

  • Who Am I?

    My name is Taylor Dean Barnett and I help students achieve their dream of becoming complete and confident guitar players with my Muscle Memory based learning system.

    I've been a guitar player and instructor for the past 20 years, I've worked with thousands of students across 156 countries, and I've taught over 10,000 lessons.

    Despite what you might think, music didn't come naturally to me. In fact, my first musical experience ended with my instructor telling me I had absolutely no musical talent and that the lessons were a waste of money. After that, my guitar sat around collecting dust for years. Finally, I found a teacher who was able to guide me and help me get on the right track. Now it's my mission to help others overcome the same struggles that I faced!


    The #1 problem I see that holds people back from achieving success on guitar is not being able to quickly change between chords. This prevents them from learning the songs they want to play and, in turn, makes them feel demotivated and frustrated. I help people overcome this hurtle by showing them how to build up their Muscle Memory to make playing feel effortless and automatic. Once you can smoothly transition between a handful of essential chords, the whole world opens up for you and you can begin to learn and play your favorite songs with ease! Enroll today and transform your playing ability with Muscle Memory!

    Here's What You Get When You Enroll Today

    Structured Lessons To Help You Learn Fast and Practice CORRECTLY!

      "Muscle Memory Magic" Step-By-Step Video Training Series

      I'm going to hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how to build Muscle Memory and make lightning fast chord changes that will feel as natural as tying your shoe.

      $500 VALUE

      Muscle Memory Play Along Jam Tracks

      This is the secret sauce that will guarantee your success. Practice with play-along jam tracks at different speeds to develop your Muscle Memory and get fast results. Plus you'll feel like your jammin' with a real band!

      $500 VALUE

      A Community Of Aspiring Guitar Players 

      You are not alone! Ask questions, get help, and connect with others in a vibrant community of students and guitar players.

      $500 VALUE

      An Instructor Who's Truly Dedicated To Your Success

      It's my mission to help students achieve their dream of becoming guitar players, and I care about your success. Learning guitar has become WAY to complicated. Let's simplyify the process for you and focus on what works.


    Guitar Building Blocks

    "Muscle Memory Magic"

  • 00






    Total Value: $641


    See how people, who had stuggled for years, are making a breakthrough with Muscle Memory learning.


    It's simple, practice makes perfect. The tricky part is you have to know WHAT and HOW to practice to get the results.

    With the Guitar Building Blocks Muscle Memory Learning System, I'll teach you how to harness the science behind Muscle Memory to make playing feel effortless, automatic, and natural.

    The good news is that if you're a human being, with fingers, you can also use Muscle Memory to achieve incredible resutls with your playing. It's just part of how our brains are wired!

  • More Success Stories

    Taylor, you are congratulated on the job you've done with Guitar Building Blocks - much better than Justin Guitar or Fender Play.

    Mike F.

    Happy Student

    “Taylor gave me a more “structured” means of learning how to get my brain and my fingers on the same page. Not a small task, if ya know me. He called it “muscle memory “. While I had heard the term before and he certainly didn’t invent it. This helped me in several ways. Showed me how to change chords efficiently. Taught me a number of things that improved my strumming, even some music theory.

    Wayne M.

    Happy Student

    Guitar Building Blocks is the cream of the crop! Thank you for creating such a great resource for learning guitar from the ground up. Until now my learning experience has been dismal at best. Over the past 30 years I have followed numerous DVD’s, Book lessons and several online resources for learning guitar. I have to say that I feel I have learned more in the past month than I have in all my previous attempts.

    Daniel H.

    Happy Student

    "love it I’m not a coder don’t know jack about HTML but with GroovePages omg everything that’s in my head I can literally download and create, way to go guys and this is just the beginning!!!?

    Keith S.

    Happy Student

    "love it I’m not a coder don’t know jack about HTML but with GroovePages omg everything that’s in my head I can literally download and create, way to go guys and this is just the beginning!!!?

    Justin P.

    Happy Student

    You Have The Ability To Play Guitar, Let Me Help You Unlock It!

    Don't waste years of your life consuming thousands of random Youtube lessons, buying boring music books, or following the bouncing ball. There's a better way!

    I DON'T CARE IF...

    • You Haven't Had Success With Guitar In The Past

    • You Think You Have No Musical Talent

    • You Think You're Too Old, Or That You Should've Started Sooner

    • You Think Your Fingers Are Too Short Or Too Fat

    • You Think You Have No Rhythm

    • You Think You're Uncoordinated

    • You Can't Read Music

    • You Think You're Too Busy

  • Muscle Memory Works. Period.

    Simply put, Muscle Memory is part of our anatomy and it's just how our brains are wired to work. All you need is the right guidance! As an instructor who's worked with THOUSANDS of students from all walks of life, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that you can have success with guitar and acheive your dream - no matter what your situation is. And all those fears or worries that might be holding you back right now, are easy to overcome once you see results and start making some real progress. Put in just 20 mintues of practice per day with the Guitar Building Blocks system and you're going to be blown away with the resutls! You'll discover the musical talent you never knew you had!


    • What is Muscle Memory?

    • Muscle Memory is defined as the ability to reproduce a certain movement without concious effort or thought. It is an ability that all human beings can develop, and it is the secret weapon to mastering hand motions and techniques on the guitar.

    • Will it help me learn songs?

    • Yes! You'd be amazed how many songs you can play with a handful of basic chords. The problem is not so much learning the chords, but really getting good at changing between them fast. That's where Muscle Memory comes in! Once you master these 13 chords I'm going to show you, you'll literally be able to play thousands of popular songs!

    • Can I get better quickly?

    • Yes! In fact, you'll make progress 94% faster than any other learning method. Why? Because our brains are hardwired to learn this way, you just have to know how to train yourself correctly and the results become explosive!

  • Do I need to be able to read music?

  • Absolutely not! The written music we use in this program is chord diagrams and tabs, not sheet music. Don't worry, even if you're not familiar with chord diagrams or tabs, how to read them will be explained in the program and it's easy, so you'll pick it up fast!

    • How will it help me with my guitar playing?

    • If you feel like you're a forever beginner and you can't seem to get the point where you can play full songs, change chords quickly, or move your fingers as fast as you want, then Muscle Memory is the missing piece of the puzzle that will change everything for you. It will make playing begin to feel more effortless, natural and automatic, giving you the ability to easily learn songs and play the music you love.

    • What makes this different than learning on Youtube?

    • Information is useless unless it's applied correctly. Youtube is a great resource but it's also an unorganized mess and it doesn't show you how to APPLY the information you're being taught into your practice so that you actually get better. With our muscle memory play along jam tracks you'll apply everything you're learning correctly and you'll see real results very quickly. By the way, Youtube is a lot more fun when you can use it to easily learn songs and not struggle to keep up. Build up your Muscle Memory and that's exactly what will happen for you!

    • How much time does this take?

    • Muscle Memory works fast! One week from today, if you put in about 20 minutes of daily practice, you're going to see transformational results that will open up a whole new world in guitar for you.


    People Who Want To Learn Fast.

    If you're just starting out on your guitar journey and you're looking for the fastest possible way to learn and get past the difficult beginner growing pains, then you're in the right place. Muscle Memory has been shown to help students learn up to 94% faster than conventional learning methods! Not to mention you'll be saving yourself a ton of wasted time and frustration!

    People Who Struggle To Change Chords Quickly.

    Maybe you've been playing guitar for awhile now but you just haven't been able to make that breakthrough or get past that plateau. Maybe you feel like a "Forever Beginner" right now. Well that's about to change for you! Use this Muscle Memory training system to get guaranteed results with your playing, learn how to change chords quickly and smoothly, and stop feeling like you're spinning your wheels.

    People Who Want To Enjoy The Guitar and Play Songs They Love.

    Success on guitar doesn't mean you have to join a band and start a world tour. Success, by my definition, means feeling confident in your ability to play, having an awesome hobby to keep your brain sharp, enjoying and loving music, and playing the songs that you love. By mastering the chords I'm going to teach you you'll unlock your ability to learn and play literally THOUSANDS of popular songs.


    • Changing chords easily and effortlessly

    • Playing for (or with) friends and family

    • Getting that campfire singalong going

    • Serenading that special someone

    • Finally feeling confident in your ability to play and learn your favorite songs

  •  Get Guitar Building Blocks  Now For Fast and Effortless Chord Changes

    You're About To Get "Muscle Memory Magic"

    Total Value: $641

    Today's Price: FREE!

  •  Step-By-Step Course:  I'm going to hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how to build Muscle Memory and make lightning fast chord changes that will feel as natural as tying your shoe.

  •  Written Music and Practice Guides: Everything that I'll be teaching you has been written out in incredible detail so that you know exactly what to practice. Plus you'll also receive an ebook practice guide that outlines this Muscle Memory training method, so that you can practice offline too!

  •  Muscle Memory Jam Tracks:  This is the secret sauce that will guarantee your success. Practice with play-along jam tracks at different speeds to develop your Muscle Memory and get fast results. Plus you'll feel like your jammin' with a real band!

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